Arupa does such a good work for the pigeons!

Arupa blended oil for a quickly relieve. Sinta-se bem com Arupa Óleo!

Beside all the benifits of Arupa Cha it is a great alternative to loose and kepp wieght also.

Arupa Tea is a combination of medicinal herbs. It is antiviral, anti-bactericidal, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiemorrhagic, anti-septic, tonic. With all of that and a few other properties, Arupa Tea is an efficient Detox  with effect to eliminate all toxins from the body, working well in the digestive system, and eliminating the fat accumulated in the stomach walls, being absolutely great for weight loss.

 All of those properties also work very well as a scrubber in respiratory system, fighting infections, colds, flu, cough, bedsores, bronchitis, asthma, chronic rhinitis, hoarseness, sore throat and all related diseases in all respiratory system. Work effectively against mycosis, candida, fever, headaches, and digestion.

The antiviral, anti-bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties help to combat malaria, urinary tract infection, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chronic orchitic, cystitis, and urethritis, arthritis, haemorrhoids, rheumatism, atherosclerosis.   

Its astringent action work to hypertension, diabetes, menstrual problems, also to stop bleeding, strengthens the heart, avoiding heart attacks and strokes.

It has a relaxant effect that helps anxiety, nervous problems, convulsions, enhance energy levels, oxygenating the brain, activating it, helping in concentration, tiredness, balancing and combat the effects of depression, and other related problems.

As antiseptic, and anti-oxidant is curative for wounds, act against some types of cancer (carcinoma, sarcoma, etc.) has regenerative action of the tissues, burns and skin problems, like psoriasis, acne, gum infections, also lightening and removing stains and aging.

The tonic property Strength the muscles, is laxant, and accelerate metabolism.

It Is also a potent immune booster to combat HIV.  All that benefits and more in one product.

                                                                  ARUPA TEA


A compilation with all the properties and benefits of Arupa Cha

Arupa Cha, your choice for the best results!

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Arupa products are made from natural herbs that was kept secret for decades by the indigenous tribes living in the Rainforest of South America.

All the products are guarenteed 100% natural and aflatoxins free.

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Arupa Cha

Arupa Tea is a combination of herbs found in the Rainforest of South America. This herbal tea has a wide veriety of qualities and values, which is great for weight loss also absolute great for treating and preventing respiratory track infections. It is effective against  mycoplasma, colds and flu, sinusitis, also regulates high pressure and diabetes,  bronchitis, pigeon-lung disease, unblock  all respiratory track routes, very useful in bedsores.

Relieves headaches, fever, stomach and menstrual disorders, treats urinary tract infection, chronic orchitis, cystitis, urethritis,  syphilis, gonorrhea.  Arupacha is a great antiseptic and also acts against some types of cancer (carcinoma, sarcoma, etc) and good as antiviral (malaria etc) and bactericidal. It has a regenerative action of the tissues and burns and skin problems.